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Dukkeutdeling på Senter 2 utenfor Kampala

Welcome to HUBs webpage!

We hope you will be inspired to join our work in Uganda!


We are a voluntary organization that helps orphans in Africa. HUB operates only on a voluntary basis and has no operating expenses.

For this reason, we are completely dependent on help to make HUB known, and hope you will join the community effort!


We have assumed responsibility for building up three centers from scratch. They are located in Kampala and the surrounding areas. We now support up to 150 orphans, or children without care, with security, food, clothing, healthcare and schooling.

How can you HELP?

Become a firm support member / partner and give a monthly contribution; from USD 10, and upwards, so we can more easily plan food purchases, purchase of school materials and pay salary to teachers.

We have our own Aid account for immediate assistance, which goes to hospitalizations, medications and other needs.

In addition, we have a Building Account for contributions to the entry of orphanage and school, and an "Self Help Assistance" account, which provides interest-free loans to poor widows so that they can earn income or grow their own food .

Local leadership in uganda

We now have seven years of operating time behind us, and are pleased with the work we have accomplished and for the support we have been able to convey from our partners / donors.


All financial support given to HUB accounts is communicated directly to our local manager; Bishop James Mugobansonga in Uganda.

Støtt meg gjennom HUB - Hjelp Ugandas Barn

I need  USD 25,- per month to meet my most necessary needs!

Skolebygging ved senter 1 i Kampala

New construction start at Senter 1​

After the construction work is laid down since the start of 2016, they are now back up and running, and are very eager to get the first stage finished.


HUB has been granted an interest-free loan from a good supporter, and so we are starting.


The plan is now that they will be ready to finish the ground floor at the school by the end of November.

emmisaries to uganda are back

Glade barn på skoleavslutning senter 2, Uganda

After an amazing journey, our three envoys to Uganda, now are back in Norway, and transition from the heat in Kampala to snow and cold in southern Norway, is huge. Also in view of the contrast of those who have nothing and we in abundance-Norway, who are ready to celebrate Christmas!


You can still read about what the three ladies experienced down there, and get a little updated on what the HUB is working with in Kampala and the surrounding areas. GUEST BLOG remain, so click here to go there, if you are interested to follow! (Sorry, but in Norwegian only.)

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