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Uganda is a traditional country with deep cultural roots. A little different for us here from the north, but the heritage from the british, the english language, is good for us. After several decades of turmoil, we now can go freely and we are always welcome. War and disease, like AIDS, has cost the population a lot. According to Bishop James, the distribution in the growing population is about eight women for each man in northern Uganda.

It's amazing to see all the charities that are here to help, and that is also reason why we are here. We were invited to Uganda in autumn 2009, and has therefore had time for preparation. Although is has only been a one man's work so far, I hope that many will find HUB as a respected channel to convey your help to the poor and orphans.

Many organizations want to help
Our centers in Uganda

We have five centers, as shown on the map, and where the 4-figure stands we have two centers. One for just orphans and one for the poor. The centers are not physical, as orphanages, schools and housing units do not exist today. It is to build this we are here, if funds are available.

We look forward to sending out newsletters and posting video and photos from our work on the website. It is difficult to describe the meeting with all these children, many with empty eyes and with heavy sadness in their heart. Still, it's mostly smile to see when I've been around and fancy everyone and taken pictures of each of them. We want to show the dignity of the children, and can not describe all who take responsibility for them, even though money is not available.

However, I would like to mention two examples. A widow has taken responsibility for 15 orphans and poor, who lives in her little house. With cooking outdoors it is hard to understand that it is possible. So one of the projects is to help her with grants and loans to build a house that will be tailored to their needs. Such human resources are amazing, and if the children get these minimum amounts every month, they will have a more worthy life. Two poor grandparents, who lost five children to AIDS, are today taking care of their four orphaned grandchildren, who lost both parents.

So, these examples can be used to try to show what's on our minds and the reason we've started our work.


As an organization, and on behalf of Ugandans, we welcome you to an unforgettable meeting with a wonderful people who might need "Help for Self-help," rather than being overcome with money and gifts. Let it be a dream for you - one day to put your feet on Ugandian soil. Flight return is approx. $ 1,100 per today. Our head-office with guest room will be made available, and there are also many small hotels nearby.

Autumn 2010, Olav Solheim

Local volunteers
You are welcome, so grab your dream
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