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HUB's head-office in Norway is located at Vinje Gård, on the south end of Andøy, in the county Nordland, north in Norway. When the manager is in Norway, the work goes from here.


Foundation: HUB was founded 15.09.2010 by Olav Solheim.


The Board: The Chairman and CEO of the Board is Olav Solheim. Deputy Chairman: Leif-Oddvar P. Solheim. Technical Manager: Ove Aigner Haukenes. Secretary: Sverre-Ingbjørn P. Solheim.


Operation in Norway: We who participate in the HUB's work are unpaid and don't get paid for ours expences in connection with the efforts.


The association HUB is registered in the Brønnøysund Register and has
Company no. 995 967 952.


Bank accounts: We collaborate with Easybank in the process of building up the financial foundation and have the following accounts associated with operations:


Emergency account: 9791.11.35500
Account for the construction and operation of orphanage: (NO19) 9791.11.28555
Account for "Loans for self-help": (NO90) 9791.11.29799
Children's sponsorship account: 9791.11.28180


Our headquarter in Africa we have built in Kampala, Uganda.


The Board: HUB-Uganda shall follow the statutes we are working on. The manager is James Mugobansonga. Secretary: Mable Kyeresire. Otherwise, the board consists of leaders from different centers.


Operation in Uganda: This is also done on a voluntary basis, where most of the operations are based in rented premises and nursing parents in regular homes. The goal is, therefore, that we contribute to the development of centers, aiming at a main center with space for approx. 300 children and with school for 5-600, so that locals can be offered teaching.


According to the original plan, HUB-Norway's chairman should travel to Uganda every winter, to ensure HUBs interests, sign documents relating to land, building and so on. This is no longer necessary when Bishop James Mugobansonga has authority to take care of this.


HUB-Norge, Vinje Gård, Andøy i Norge

HUB-Uganda, Kampala, Uganda

About us

Our head-offices in Norway and Uganda

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